Now that you have booked your session... Let's chat about payment options

We will walk you through the options available for purchasing your images including Pre-Purchasing your Collection, Pre-Session Payment Plans, Paying in Full at your Image Reveal & Order Appointment and/or the Post Session Payment Plan.

What are the payment options regarding the purchasing of my images? Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day they book their session and can extend until the week prior to their session. We also provide our clients with exclusive products and 5% product collections if they Pre-Purchase a Collection. Should you decline to set up a payment plan or pre-purchase a collection, you will simply come to your Image Reveal & Order Appointment following your Boudoir Session and pay in full for your purchase or you may opt for a Post Session payment plan. If you do opt for Post Session payment plan, you will not be able to receive your products until after you have made all your payments.

Can I get a payment plan after the Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment?
Yes, we offer the Post Session payment plans after the Image Reveal & Order Appointment. However, Post Session payment plan clients do not get to enjoy a  discount off all product collections and are not able to access the exclusive Pre-Payment Plan products. Additionally, as mentioned previously, if you do opt for Post Session payment plan, you will not be able to receive your products until after you have made all your payments. Please keep in mind that there is no option to have a second Ordering Appointment. 

What is a Pre-Session Payment Plan?
For clients who wish to discuss setting up a Pre-Payment plan, we can schedule a phone call with us. Basically, how it works, is we either select a Collection or work within your budget and create a payment plan from that monetary amount. If there are 12 weeks before your session, for instance, you could choose to have your payment plan be automatically drafted weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for a set amount so that when your session date arrives, your order is paid in full. Payment plans are offered on amounts of $900 or higher only. Pre-Session Payment Plans are not refundable if you cancel your session or if you choose to spend less than the amount you financed. The most significant difference about the Pre-Payment Plan is that you get to enjoy your products immediately as soon as they are shipped after your Image Reveal & Design Appointment. 

Why should I select the Pre-Payment Plan?
Access to exclusive products, exclusive sets, our client closet, Prepayment Gifts, discounts off all product collections and having your products immediately! Is there really anything better than that? As well as the fact that there will be no worrying or stressing about your budget after the session or Image Reveal & Order Appointment! It's a win, win!

It has become increasingly popular to purchase a collection prior to your session by either paying in full or setting up a payment plan. By pre-purchasing a collection, it allows us to plan your session with specific products in mind, and we reward you with bonuses and exclusive products!

So I can only purchase the Exclusive Products or access the Gifts if I choose a Pre-Payment Plan?
You betcha! We love to make you feel special!

What are type of payment do you accept?
We accept credit/debit, cash, Paypal and Paypal Credit. We regret to inform our clients that we do NOT accept checks.

Can I make additional purchases at a later date?
As discussed, we purge and delete all unpurchased images 30 days after your ordering appointment. Therefore, you will not be able to return and order additional images. 

How do I proceed with a Pre-Payment Plan?
Fill out the form below or call Donna at the studio and we will take care of the rest! We will start your payments on the date you choose for the amount and frequency you select. It's convenient and easy!

I'm a little bit uneasy with a Pre-Payment plan before I see my photos, can you help me with that?
Absolutely! We are very grateful and proud to say that all of our boudoir clients have fallen in love with their photographs. We are confident you will too. A very large majority of our ladies invest in an album and wall galleries. For this reason, our Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice collections are the most popular picks and many clients enjoy getting their products right away. You are more than welcomed to view your photos before making your purchase decisions, however all Pre-Payment plan clients enjoy a discount on their collection purchases.

What if I choose to go with the Post Session Payment Plan instead?
We can absolutely help you with that! With the Post Session Payment Plan, you will just make your purchase decisions during your Image Reveal & Order Appointment. You can then decide the total amount you'll make in payments and how long and frequent you want the payments to be. However, please note that you will not receive your products until all payments are complete. If you choose to go with the Post Session Payment Plan, you have up to 12 months to make your payments. The amount of each payment is up to you and we will send you invoices every month. 

What happens to the images I do not purchase? 
We delete them after your Image Reveal & Order Appointment. 

Do you charge interest on your in house Payment Plans?
Absolutely not, we are more than happy to provide this service to our clients.

What if I change my mind?
All payments are non refundable and can only be used towards your product order.  All sales are final. Once your Image Reveal & Order Appointment is complete, we will have you fill out a Final Sale agreement, which states that we cannot allow for changes to your order. This is studio policy for all clients and no exceptions will be made. You may not change, alter, add, reduce, or request any other types of changes after the Ordering Appointment.


• Set Up Payment Plan Before Session
• Access to Exclusive Products
• Access to Prepayment Gifts
• Starting at 5% Discount On All Collections
• Product Order Available After Ordering Appointment

Post session Payment Plan

• Set Up Payment Plan At Design Appointment
• Access to Regular Products Only
• No Discounts
• Product Order Available After Payment Plan Is Completed


Another great payment option is Paypal Credit, a reusable credit line. Get 6 months special financing with no interest if paid in full in 6 months, apply and get a credit decision in seconds with a quick application. Paypal Credit helps give you the flexibility you need. If yo do choose to go with this option, simply let us know and we will gladly send you a Paypal invoice.

Prepayment Gifts

Prepay $5000+
Choose from 4 total gifts from this level and below
Weekend Session
Mini Boudoir Video
Access to Feather Wings
Access to Couples Set
15% off all collections

Prepay $4000+
Choose from 3 total gifts from this level and below
4x6 proof prints of all your images in a glass box
50% off your next session fee
Access to Bondage Accessories
Access to White Sheets Set
10% off all collections

Prepay $3000+
Choose from 2 total gifts from this level and below

Access to Alley Set
Access to Studio Wings
Deck of Poker Playing Cards
1 ten minute headshot session with 1 outfit and 2 high resolution files
10% off all collections

Prepay $2000+
Choose from 1 total gifts from this level and below

Access to Shower Set
Access to Robes
Access to Body Chains

Standard Bonus
Access to Client Closet
5% off all collections

All of our Prepayment clients have exclusive access to our Prepayment Gifts. We love to shower our special clients with gift and attention!

Client closet


ur client closet is available to all prepayment and Couture clients to use. We invite our special ladies to take a peek into our collection.

The closet is stocked with gorgeous bodysuits and pieces ranging in sizes from XS-XXL (we do not carry pieces with cup sizes). We also keep a selection of shoes in sizes 6-10 as well as accessories, kimono's, robes and jackets. We regularly add to the client closet with new pieces that are on trend. Please note that we cannot promise the available of specific pieces

We ask that our ladies bring a pair of nude and black thongs to wear under our garments. Each piece is cleaned after each use to ensure that all our pieces are hygienic for all our clients. The client closet is a great solution for ladies wanting to add that extra bit of something to their outfits. 

when you want that extra touch

Shower Set


he exclusive shower set is available as an additional set to any of our Couture and clients prepaying $2000 and above. Our in studio shower set guarantees steamy sexiness without you getting wet at all!

make it steamy

Alley Set


he wild alley set is available as an additional set to any of our clients prepaying $3000 and above. Our alley set is one of most coveted sets and is ready to Rock n Roll!
*Does not include motorcycle.

make it wild

We are so excited

We are so excited to see you and give you this amazing experience.
If there is anything that you need to know that is not in this guide, on our website at www.boudoir, or any other material we have provided you with, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the answers you are looking for!

Studio Products


nce your session is finished you’ll have so many fantastic options for preserving these one-of-a-kind images.

You’re not buying images for anyone but yourself, so you have an opportunity to splurge! Here are a few of our favorites.

Prints are sassy statement accessories for his bedside table, his office, your private bathroom or bedroom dresser. Albums are our most popular keepsake, we love to offer our clients heirloom quality albums. Customizable and personalized, they are the perfect way to showcase your imagery. Wall canvas are a great way to show off in a big way with a gorgeous, ready-to-hang canvas. After all, you look amazing!

Luxury Gifts For Yourself


We offer beautifully framed large prints and canvas starting at $699. Our keepsake books starts at $799. Collections starts at $1999. Our typical client happily invests $4000 in their boudoir collection. For the woman who wants and has it all, we proudly we offer luxury collections with our exclusive bespoke products no one else in the area offers.


exclusive Products To Choose before Your Boudoir Session


• Our solid, 8x10" and 1"-thick Acrylic Blocks make your photos into perfect desk decor. Each block can stand on its own. $499


• The Slideshow Playbook is a sleek and amazing way to display your slideshow with  a 7″ screen and auto-play on open  $2999


• A beautifully unique tabletop display with a solid brass easel. Each month is a 5x7 print with your photo and dates $1299

retro viewer

• A fun set of one RetroViewer, 2 reels of 14 photos in a box. $1299

Product collections

Because you simply deserve the best


20 Images
8x8 Black Leather Album
5x7 Framed Print

Product collections are additional and outside of your session and can be purchased before or after your session.


flirt & tease

45 Images
10x10 Luxury Album
Choice Of 1 5x7 Image Folio, 2 5x7 Acrylic Blocks or 2 5x7 Framed Prints
All Images In Album As Digital Download
16x24 Framed or Metal Print Or 5 Photo Album Upgrade
Your Choice of 1 Studio Gift



30 Images
10x10 Luxury Album
1 5x7 Acrylic Block or 1 5x7 Framed Print
All Images In Album As Digital Download
11x14 Framed or Metal Print


Sugar & Spice

All Images
Choice Of 10x10 or 12x12 Luxury Album with Acrylic Cover
or Your Choice Of Couture Album With Up To 60 Images
Choice Of 1 8x10 Image Folio, 2 8x10 Acrylic Blocks or 2 8x10 Framed Prints
All Digital Images As Digital Download
20x30 Framed or Metal Print Or 6x6 10 Image Gift Album
Your Choice of 2 Studio Gifts



Luxury Products To Choose After Your Boudoir Session

wall art



8x10 and smaller










All prints include social media sized files. Prints are offered in a lustre finish mounted on thick white board with a protective lustre coating.

digital products

• All images $4999
• 30 images $3999/$125/image
• 20 images $2999/$125/image
• 10 images $1499/$200/image
• 9 images or less $300/image
• Slideshow of all your images $4999
• Mobile app of 100 images $3999

All digital images will be lightly retouched. 9 images or more will be presented on a custom crystal USB drive. Less than 9 images will be delivered via digital download.

COUTURE albums

• Custom designed art style 12x15 coffee table album with all your images and photo slipcase. The ultimate showstopper bespoke album $4500


• 16x24 Framed and Matted Masterpiece Deckled Edge Art Print $2500
• Collection or 4 12x18 Prints In Floating Acrylic Frames $2500
• Collage of 9 photos in a large 24x30 Frame $1299













framed prints
















• A beautifully unique tabletop display with a solid brass easel. Each month is a 5x7 print with your photo and dates $1299

retro viewer

• A fun set of one RetroViewer, 2 reels, 14 photos in a box. $1299


8 Images 5x5 Little Black Layflat Book


Please complete all fields. We will then send you an invoice for you to complete with your credit card information as well as a contract for you to sign. You may cancel this authorization at any time by contacting us. This authorization form will remain in effect until the payment plan is completed or cancelled.  Please note that should you cease payments on your order or cancel your payment plan, you will receive no refunds, images, prints, or digital files.  Be sure to ask us any questions. We’re happy to help!

1515 North C Street in Sacramento, or (888) 518-6575

Your information will be saved to file for future transactions on your account. You agree to All Sales Final policy outlined here
as well as in your Pre-Session Consultation, Session Guide, Investment Guide, Prep Guide, and Contract, and verbally
during your Ordering Appointment. 


Alternatively, you are invited to schedule a call with us.

1515 North C Street in Sacramento or (888) 518-6575

Thank you!

We will be in touch with you shortly! In the meantime, check out the latest and greatest

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